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Fabrics, laces, embroideries and accessories

fabrics with different compositions – ladieswear

fabrics type cotton knit and various combinations – menswear

wool fabrics – ladieswear

velvet and fur with short wire – ladiesware and mensware

various fabrics textiles for men’s shirts

various linings for – ladieswear, children clothing and mensware

silk and other natural yarns

fine laces from various compositions

various fabrics textiles from natural yarns, tulle and embroideries

monocolor silk fabrics textiles

embroideries and hand applications on various fabrics textiles from natural yarns

prints on a wide range of fabrics textiles and velvets

deluxe fabrics textiles

special embroideries from diverse yarns 

macramé and elastic laces

deluxe fabrics textiles and jacquard

trimmings of a huge variety for clothing and underwear

accessories for clothing and jewelry

paper heat transfer applications for clothing and underwear

various buttons and buckles for clothing textiles

strips and various accessories for clothing textiles and underwear

strips of lace for clothing textiles and underwear

belts, buckles and other accessories for clothing textiles

elastic strips for clothing textiles and underwear

various accessories for clothing textiles

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