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Fabrics, laces and clothing accessories

Since 2003, IL TEXTILE gathers many of representatives most renowned of the European manufacturers in the industry for a wide range of textile materials: fabrics, knits, velvets, ecological furs, lace, embroidery, trimmings, buttons. In addition to a great range of fashion accessories. Together they form an outstanding range of high quality products for producers of textile confections and fashion jewelery exclusively for Romania and Bulgaria.

What can IL TEXTILE do for you?

Provides a specially equipped space
Offers the latest fashion trends articles
Ensures specialized consultancy in textile industry
Make available stocks for series production at attractive prices

With a long history expertise in textiles, IL TEXTILE is the constant partner of numerous known Romanian fashion artists, who count always on our offer of the latest fashion trends articles. 

To meet the needs of customers, IL TEXTILE welcomes you to see the new collections from the renowned producers in the specially equipped space where you always get expert advice in the textile industry.

We are the partner you’re looking for!

About us

The collections of the manufacturers represented by IL TEXTILE in Romania and Bulgaria are constantly updated with the latest fashion trends articles and are available for you to see. These producers are the best known names in the world, with extensive experience in the field, for creativity, quality of products and service as essence of their work.

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